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Passionate singer-songwriter, following a trail of inspiration through the mundane and the ecstatic. 

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Singing and movement have carried me into deeper realms of awareness from the time I was old enough to climb onto my swingset. Alone after dark, my heart would swell in reverence as I crooned at the moon. Writing songs became my primary tool of self inquiry and expression. I use (non-drug induced) trance states to make music, and I love helping others do the same! I’ve been a touring singer-songwriter since 2004. I have three young kiddos, ADHD, and a passion for creativity that won’t quit. 


I’m a Hypno-Coach for Creatives (and we are all Creative). I am certified through the Ethical Coaching Collective and The National Association of Counselors and Therapists as an Integrative Life Coach. I work with the unconscious mind to change the brain. I give people the tools to regulate their nervous systems and re-wire their neural pathways, unlocking the highest potential for their lives and creative pursuits.

Creativity is a basic function of human beings; we are the maker-ape! True creativity requires entering a different state of mind - one we all have some experience with, if only when we first awaken from sleep, or discover great insights in the shower!  When our focus is narrowed and our internal editor is silenced, we’re able to mine our unconscious mind and pull from every book we’ve ever read, every trip we’ve taken, every conversation we’ve had - plus ideas that exist all on ther own in the aether! This is the mind-space I write songs from; it’s the most generative, connected, expansive feeling I have on a regular basis. It’s all on offer to you!

If you’re longing to integrate more creativity into your life but don’t know where to start, or you come into resistance when you approach a project, or if you find yourself shying away for fear of exposure, I’m here to resource you into your own magic, to cultivate and stick to your creative pursuits, and to feel safe sharing your creative self! 


I’ve been writing songs for 30 years. They are songs that might make you think about your marriage differently, lament the freedom of your youth, exalt in the struggles and triumphs of parenthood, or bring you into deeper connection with your inner being. Our life experiences are unique, but music is a language through which we may recognize our common trials and longings. Listen on Spotify, and Youtube! My Patreon page houses a complete archive of exclusive live takes.


I write to integrate what I’m learning, and I’m always learning! Subjects range from neuroplasticity and spirituality to parenting and sexuality. Weekly essays from the past three years are available on Patreon, and they chronicle my descent into parenting infant twins + a 5-year old during a pandemic, and my transformation into a rupture & repair oriented, self-compassion-committed, unapologetic performing artist who is “doing it all” one grown-up tantrum at a time.   

 Read here for the juiciest nuggets from my blog. 

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