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Cool Interview in Saratoga Springs Daily Gazette

Molly Venter and Eben Pariser don’t hit the road and perform anywhere near as much as the husband-and-wife musical duo did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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And yet, somehow, music is in their lives more than ever.

Before the pandemic hit, the New Haven, Connecticut-based Venter and Pariser — who perform as Goodnight Moonshine — were on the road full time, bringing their young son on tour with them.

But in 2020, COVID forced the folk duo off the road. Not only that, but Venter gave birth to twins. A full touring schedule was no longer viable, but as the pair decided to stay at home more, picking and choosing their spots to perform, it inspired them to create and play more music for their most important audience.

“When we were touring full time, I wasn’t then wanting to play more music to my kids,” Venter said “Now, we have all this creative energy to play with our family, and it makes us realize, whoa, that was a little backwards that we were playing music so much but not for our own family.


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