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Ya'll know I'm a superfan of On Being, and I finally got hip to their spin-off podcast "This Movie Changed Me". And I tell you, I got those full body & mind chills I crave!!

Near the end of the Groundhog Day episode, "The Power" author Naomi Alderman talks about how watching the movie 25+ times has made her assess what it worthwhile in her life. "What is worth doing is stuff that somehow works on myself, my inner self, whether that’s by psychotherapy or learning new skills or reading great books or improving my sensitivity towards the world; or, that it’s trying to help."

Alderman goes on to describe a practice she does whenever her life starts to feel lackluster; she spends an entire month, every single day, going to a place she'd never been before. "You can do this while traveling, obviously. But it is much more effective if you do it very, very close to where you live; so, things that are within half an hour of where you live."

At some point during the month, she explains, she always "recieves the benediction" where she suddenly becomes aware of the incredible beauty and richness of everything around her.

I can think of no better way to describe the body chills I get listening to great podcasts like these! Ahhh LIFE. And in the spirit of Groundhog day, I just stopped in at a bagel place I've never been before. (OLMA Restaurant & Bar - And, oh that everything bagel with chive lox was pretty sublime.)

I would be remiss not to add here that one of my favorite haunts around town is Best Video. My dad used to take us here as kids, where he'd peruse movies in the "by Director" isles, or visit the "Best of the Best" section. By transforming itself into a cultural center/coffee shop/music venue, Best Video has been able to withstand challenges of the digital age. (I now have a monthly membership - the cost of Netflix - and I can go in everyday with my son and pick out something new... that we BOTH will like 📷:)

So check out the podcast if you like, and New Haven people be sure to check out Best Video Film & Cultural Center ... for the best films, movie screenings, concerts, coffee, donuts, or kids playroom. It's good to get out of the house sometimes.

Much Love, Molly UPCOMING SHOWS: SEP 15 Ottsville, PA OCT 3 Novato, CA OCT 4 San Jose, CA OCT 5 Berkeley, CA OCT 6 Soquel, CA OCT 13 West Creek, NJ *just added* NOV 1 Fall River, MA *just added* NOV 17 New Haven, CT NOV 21 Waltham, MA


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